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Renters Lease Agreement Templates Free for Download

Good news for renters out there, we have a collection of renters lease agreement templates. All templates you’ll see here are all free and can be downloaded with no hassles. Simply, download, edit as necessary, and print. We believe that our templates can help your renting business to flourish and free of all kinds of problems. But before that, let’s talk about lease agreement.

Lease Agreement

Leasing your property is a very lucrative business. It’s one of the most popular businesses in the world that can constantly bringing in profit. It’s stable, relatively safe and quite easy to maintain. Especially in 2019, where housing prices skyrockets and millions of people are looking for a comfortable to live without going bankrupt.

When we’re talking about a lease agreement, we’re talking about the most important tool for renters to be free of problems sometime down the line. There is plenty of reasons to use our renters lease agreement templates.

A lease agreement is a type of document that lays out the amount of rent due for a specific amount of time and complete with all the rules for that same specific amount of time. A lease agreement is fixed, it means that the landlord can’t change the amount of rent or the property rules until the lease has expired and then the landlord and the tenant can renegotiate new terms.

Since a lease agreement is less robust and flexible compared to a rental agreement, there can’t be any mistakes in the document. Every single point has to be clear and serves a purpose. Here are some of the important terms need to be included in a lease agreement.

  1. Terms of the tenancy – you need to state it clear that it’s a lease agreement for a fixed term. It can be one year or more.
  2. Rent – the amount of rent that’s due, when the payments are due and how the payments should be paid.
  3. Subleasing – any subleasing need to go through you. If you don’t approve it, there cant be any subleasing going on in your property.
  4. Pets – this one is also important. To avoid any misunderstandings, it should be stated whether there can or can’t be any pets in the premises.

There will be many more important terms included in a lease agreement. Feel free to check our renters lease agreement templates below this article.

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