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Wholesale Agreement: Different Types of Wholesaling Activities



In business, having a wholesale agreement is pretty common especially if it involves the transaction between sellers and also buyers. A wholesaler is basically a mediator between the buyers and sellers. Also called the contract assignment, a wholesaler will manage the contract with seller, market it to the potential buyer, and then hand out the contract to buyer.


Different Types of Wholesaling

So, how can wholesaler make a profit? Well, they find a seller that is willing to sell in low price. Then they increase the price a bit to the buyer. The difference in the amount is their profit. So, if they are able to make bigger difference, they will get bigger profits.


Not many people know that wholesaling comes in different types. This fact, naturally, leads to the different kinds of agreement.

  • Reverse wholesaling. This is basically the basic principle of wholesaling but in a reverse condition. So, the wholesaler makes contact with the buyer first and then they find the seller.
  • Merchandise wholesaling. This is for goods, where the wholesale deals with minimum order. So, the wholesaler has the price lists from the seller and they offer the goods to buyers. Buyers can make the orders and they will be given the invoice. In this process, there will be a purchase agreement involved.


The Regular Process

There are several general steps in wholesale agreement and purchase creation. So, what are the stages?

  • The wholesaler needs to find a dedicated and motivated seller
  • They need to have contracts with low prices. The contract needs to be signed and the wholesaler needs to make and explain the offers
  • They need to find buyers and then hand out the contracts (from the seller) to the buyers.


Not everyone may be familiar with this activity. Not everyone will get used to it either. If this is your first time, you need to allow yourself some times to get used to everything.


Having the Templates

Managing such an agreement can be fussy and complicated. Not everyone knows how to compose and arrange such an agreement. That’s why it is best for you to make use the already existing wholesale templates so you won’t have to start from a scratch.


No need to worry; many of the wholesalers can make changes to the already existing templates. Many of today’s websites are offering the features to adjust and change the templates. Once you have changed the templates, then you can download, print, or save it.


If you need samples and examples, you can check the section below. We surely have our collections of wholesale agreement templates.


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