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Save Your Time and Energy with Our Templates of Tenancy Agreement Sample

If you’re in need of a tenancy agreement sample, then you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to release our own templates for everyone. Our templates are designed to be customizable so a lot of people can use it without worries. It’s very easy to edit the templates to make it more personalized and unique and more fitting for your rental business. Our templates are also free, no fine print or hidden costs. Simply download, edit, and download whenever you need it.

Tenancy Agreement

Our templates of tenancy agreement sample are created to help landlords save a lot of time and energy and to able to focus more on keeping the premises habitable for all tenants. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and a tenant during the period of the tenancy.

In this agreement there are terms and conditions set by the landlord and the tenant have agreed to and signed. It’s recommended for the tenant to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing it and as for the tenant make sure that everything is clear and easy to understand to avoid misunderstanding and problems in the future.

There are some important terms that as the landlord you need to remember.

  1. Name – the agreement has to mention all the names involved. The landlord and the tenant, all adult names must be written here.
  2. Pets – don’t forget to say whether pets are allowed or not in the premises. Many tenants have this problem when they bring their pets to their new place and got denied by the landlord because the agreement doesn’t mention anything about pets not being allowed.
  3. Maintenance and repairs – it’s your duty as the landlord to make the premises habitable, when the tenant need some repairs, the repairs must be done as quickly as possible. You may also charge the tenant a security deposit and use that to finance the repairs and cleaning. The deposits must be returned within 30 days after the tenancy expired.
  4. Amount of rent and when rent is due – it should be obvious how much the tenant owes you for a month of rent and when the rent has to be paid.

There are still many more important terms in the agreement, please consult our templates of tenancy agreement sample below.

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