Template Lease Agreement

Simple, Free and Reliable Template Lease Agreement for Everyone

A template lease agreement can be very important for your rental business. Without an agreement your business may suffer a lot of problems from the tenant or even the law. It’s not recommended to rent your property without a proper agreement that legally binds both the landlord and the tenant.

Our templates which you will find here are completely free, anyone can download the templates and use them for their business purposes. Simply download, edit, and print. It’s very easy to edit the templates to make it more personalized and unique. We hope that our templates can help you save time and energy to focus more on other important things.

Lease Agreement

If you’re running a rental business, you will absolutely need our template lease agreement. always remember that all prospect tenants are strangers and they want to stay in your property for a fee and certain amount of time. Letting a prospect tenant stay in your property without a lease agreement is pretty much the worst thing you can do.

A lease is usually 1-year period of tenancy, where the landlord informs the tenant the total amount needs to be paid and how much they have to pay each month. During that leasing period, there is no telling what is going to happen in the future. That’s why you need the agreement, its purpose is to make sure that both the landlord and the tenant are bound by the terms and agreement and will meet with consequences if the terms or rules are broken.

Before you issue a lease agreement to the prospect tenant, you need to give them an application form. With it you can do a background check and see if the tenant should be accepted or not. If the answer is yes, next step is to give them the lease agreement.

The agreement must be signed by both parties before it comes into effect and it will stay in effect until the leasing period is over. To avoid problems and misunderstandings, make sure that the agreement is very clear and simple enough to understand.

That’s why it may take you a while to finish writing an agreement and there may be still some mistakes here and there. Any mistakes can come and bite you later. To avoid that use our template lease agreement that you can find below.