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Collection of Free Supply Agreement Templates

We have a big collection of supply agreement templates that is ready to be downloaded. If you need the templates, you can download them whenever you want. All templates are all free and very customizable. Simply download, edit, and print, and now you have a proper and reliable agreement for your business.

In this article we’re also going to talk a bit about supply agreement, like why is it important and how to write a proper agreement.

Supply Agreement

Supply agreement templates is used so a buyer and a seller can strike a deal. Without an agreement a deal can’t go on because all the risks involved. The process is pretty simple, a seller agrees to meet the buyer’s needs, it can be computer equipment or raw materials. Then, the buyer agrees to deal with the seller. Locking in a contract can be very profitable for both parties, and a proper agreement is crucial to make sure that the contract holds.

For the buyer, an agreement guarantees them getting the goods they need at specified times and for a specified price. No matter what the items are, knowing that they can get the items, where to get the items, and how much they need to pay help a lot. It makes business planning much simpler and budgeting much more manageable.

As for the supplier, knowing that they a supplier ready to make a deal, makes planning an easy task. If a computer manufacturer contracts with a supplier for 500.000 motherboards over the next six or more month at a fixed price, the supplier knows they have a source of income ready. A supplier can also offer a discount if the commitment to purchase is large enough, that is a win-win situation for everyone.

There a few things need to be included in a supply agreement:

  • Price and payment – because as you already know, it’s an essential part of the agreement.
  • Quantity – how much do you want to purchase.
  • Duration – do you want the contract to run for a specific amount of time or have the option to allow either party to terminate it at will? You need to state it clearly.
  • Warranties, disclaimers and guarantees – even if warranties aren’t mentioned, supplier is bound by implied warranties that come with any contract.

Anyway, check below to find our collection of supply agreement templates to make things much easier.

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