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Supply Agreement Template Functions and Facts



You are going to need a solid and well-managed supply agreement template if you want to build a business – especially the one where you have to work together with the suppliers. The template would be helpful so you won’t have to create everything from a scratch. With the template, your work at least will be easier.


About the Agreement

As the name suggests, a supply agreement is the written document between the supplier to the buyers regarding the sale of goods. The business is quite wide and the industry covers a wide scope of things. That’s why it would be crucial if the agreement can reflect the nature of the ‘deal’ between both parties. You don’t want to miss out a thing that can lead to possible problems in the future for both of the related parties.


The Crucial Elements

As it was mentioned before, you can always get a supply agreement template so you won’t have to create everything. But even if you have got yourself a template, it would be a good idea to take a look at it and make sure that these elements are present:

  • The product appointment type. It is crucial to specify how the supplier would be responsible for supplying the goods to the buyers. This is usually related to exclusive product or exclusive area basis. For instance, the supplier only provides Dior blush-on in Washington D.C only or the store sells KitKat products exclusively but they aren’t allowed to sell other chocolate brands.
  • This part is usually included in a separate agreement about the specification of each product along with the price – possibly in details.
  • This is usually related to the numbers of goods that supplier can provide in a regular basis.
  • Order and delivery process. Never underestimate this process because you want to be sure that the goods arrive at the shop safely.
  • Product safety. The agreement should include whether each supply deliver would be accompanied by inspection, whether you will always need samples, and whether the supplier has to notify the buyers concerning changes from their manufacturers.
  • Don’t forget that a matter of defects should also be included in the agreement. What should the buyers do when they get defective items? How about the refund? How about new items? These are the things to include.


If you are still clueless about how to compose the agreement, no need to worry. We have our own collections of supply agreement template that you can use for your needs.


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