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Use Our Subletting Agreement Template Before Subleasing Your Property

In this article you’ll find our subletting agreement template ready for download. Our templates are completely free for everyone. simply download, edit and print whenever you need them. The templates here are designed to be customizable, you can edit any parts of the agreement to fix the context of your business or simply make it more personalized and unique.

Subletting Agreement

Before you use our subletting agreement template, there is no reason not to learn more about the agreement. There are other names for subletting agreement, such as sublease, sublease contract, sublet agreement and sublet contract. The names can be use interchangeably as they refer to the same type of agreement.

Subletting agreement is a type of contract that allows the original tenant of a rental property or sublandlord to rent out a portion or all of the property to another tenant or subtenant for a certain period of time. The period of sublease can’t exceed the length of time of the original tenancy that is agreed by the original tenant.

Subleasing is commonly done by tenants who need to relocate temporarily during their lease term and with a third part to take over the rent payments while they’re away, they can save a lot of money this way.

A sublease still has to follow the original terms and conditions of the lease. The original tenant retains their obligations to the landlord, in case there are lease violations or other kind of damages to the property by the subtenant.

Subtenant and sublandlord should sign the sublease and each keep a copy for safekeeping. Don’t forget to attach the original or master lease to the sublease agreement or just deliver it directly to the subtenant. It’s important that the subtenant is aware about the existent of the master lease.

There are three parties involved in a sublease agreement: the landlord who owns the property, the sublandlord who entered into a lease with the landlord and is now subleasing all or part of the property to a subtenant, and the subtenant who is entering into a lease with the sublandlord temporarily and still under the master lease’s terms and conditions.

A sublease can consist of single or multiple rooms in an apartment, condo, or house; garage or other storage space; and basement suite. Consult our subletting agreement template to make the subleasing process easier.



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