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Rent Agreement Template Free Download And Print

With our rent agreement template free for download, your rental business will run much smoother and more secure than ever before. We hope that our templates can help you run your business without worrying all the technical details since we have covered that for you. Don’t worry about having to pay, our templates are completely free for everyone to download. Our templates can be downloaded, edited, and printed anytime you want. Keep reading to get your own rent agreement template free.

Rent Agreement is Very Important for All Rental Businesses

A proper rent agreement can do a lot for a rental business. Convincing potential tenant to seal the deal, making sure that the terms benefitted both parties (the landlord and the tenant), and secure the premises from damages and whatnots.

We have covered all the important terms you need in a rent agreement, but we’ll try our best to explain it to you. So, here are some of the most important terms included in a rent agreement:

  1. Names – pretty obvious and self-explanatory but not to be underestimated. The names of everyone involved need to be included and stated clearly. The landlord and the tenants’ names have to be written, especially the names of all adults.
  2. The terms of the tenancy – usually there are two kinds of rent agreement: rental agreement and lease agreement. The difference is the period of tenancy. Rental agreement is a month-to-month agreement where the payment is monthly and the landlord can make changes in rent payment and rules as long as they give the tenant a 30-month notice. As for the lease agreement is a fixed agreement where the rent period could a year or more. The landlord can’t make changes to the agreement until the lease agreement expired.
  3. Pets – please don’t leave this out from the agreement. You need to state clearly whether pets are allowed in the premises or not. There are some people who will never leave their pets no matter what.
  4. Repairs and maintenance – to prevent anyone from being taken advantage of, it needs to be decided before that both the landlord and the tenant have certain rights and responsibilities in terms of repairs and maintenance.

There you have it, some of the most important parts of a rent agreement, there will be more of course. Check below for our templates rent agreement template free download.

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