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In this article you’ll find our collection of rent agreement samples. The samples here will help you understand how rent agreement should look like, it’s important if you’re planning to rent out your property. Renting a property can be a very lucrative business but the risks can be pretty big. Without a proper agreement, you might be at a major disadvantage or even worse have to face against the law. It’s difficult to predict of what kind of problems you’re going to have with a tenant.

Our samples are all free to download, you can also edit them and make them your own. Simply download, edit, and print whenever you need it. Having samples ready on your computer or phone can be very handy. Before downloading our rent agreement sample, let’s talk about rent agreements.

Rent Agreement

Making your own rent agreement is the first step of the rental business. Don’t rush it, and rent out your property before having a proper rent agreement. There basically two kinds of rent agreement available, rental agreement and lease agreement.

Rental agreement can be changed frequently, or every 30 days to be precise. During the rental period, the landlord can make any changes to the agreement as long as they give the tenant 30 days’ notice before the changes are enforced. As for the lease agreement, it’s less robust flexible compared to rental agreement. Lease agreement is needed for a specific amount of rent time. the landlord cannot make any changes to the agreement until the terms of the lease agreement expired.

Now, there are a few important terms that need to be addressed in an agreement:

  1. Names of all parties involved in the agreement, including all adult tenant. names are important, so you’ll know who are responsible for the rent.
  2. The term of tenancy to keep everything in order.
  3. The amount of rent that’s due.
  4. Limits on occupancy or subleasing. To prevent the tenant to sublease their premises to another party without your approval.
  5. Security deposits and other free if any.
  6. Repairs and maintenance. Both landlord and tenant have maintenance obligations.
  7. Right of entry,
  8. Illegal activities.
  9. If they’re not allowed it should be clearly stated in the agreement.
  10. Damage to premises.

Check below to see our rent agreement samples to get a clearer understanding on a proper agreement.

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