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Rent Agreement Format Templates for Free

Are you in the business of renting a property? Then you’re going to need our rent agreement format templates that you can find below this article. Our templates can be a great tool for your business specifically created to help renters run their business with no problems at all. Also, our templates are completely free. Simply download, and print whenever you want it. You can edit it too if you want, but the templates are perfectly usable right after you downloaded them. Here is more info about a rent agreement.

Proper Rent Agreement

To understand a proper rent agreement format, you need to know some important aspects of an agreement. A good agreement should include all important information of a rental business. It could be the rent payment, rules, and many more. Here some pointers for you:

  • Pets – a lot of rental businesses don’t tell the tenant that they can’t bring their pets inside the premises. This caused a lot of problems for many tenants and landlord. It may be a simple misunderstanding but it could create a bad image for your business. That’s why you need to clearly state whether pets are allowed or not inside the property.
  • Names of all parties involved – you need to know everyone who is involved, especially all adult tenants. There may be times when you need to find a tenant and if their name isn’t listed it may cause a problem for you. Also, in case of emergency, you may need to contact some people.
  • Term of tenancy – between the landlord and the tenant, it should be clear whether it’s going to be a rental agreement which is month-to-month or a lease agreement for a fixed period of time.
  • Rent – of course you’re going to need the tenant to pay their rent, but for how much, how should the rent be paid and when? Those questions need to be answered in the agreement.
  • Subleasing – subleasing is pretty common nowadays, if you think subleasing puts at a disadvantage or anything like that, you need to say it in the agreement that subleasing isn’t allowed or need to be approved by you first.
  • Repairs and maintenance – as the landlord you have the responsibility to maintain the property, but the tenant shouldn’t be able to break things apart.

For a more detailed information on a proper agreement, check out our rent agreement format template below.

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