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Reliable and Complete Templates of Rent Agreement Doc

If you’re running or planning to run a rental business, don’t go in without your strongest tool, a rent agreement doc. Without a proper agreement, your business might face a lot of problems in the future. Whether it’s from tenants, subleasing, or others, and even worse you might have to face the law.

This is why we release our templates to the public, we want to take care of all the technical details about an agreement. Our templates are all completely free to download, if you feel like you need one or more, just download, edit and print whenever you want. Keep reading this article if you want to understand more about the rent agreement doc.

You Need a Proper Rent Agreement

Like we said before, you need a rent agreement or your rental business will be in a lot of problems. We have covered all the important things that are need to included in an agreement, but we’re going to explain it to you in this article. Here are some important terms you’ll find in our templates:

  1. Names – you can’t have an agreement without the names of everyone involved, the landlord and the tenant especially. You’ll also need to record of the names of all adult involved, this is important so when there is something needs to be addressed, you’ll know who to talk to.
  2. The amount of rent that’s due and when it’s due – how much the tenant has to pay once the rent is due. You need to state it clearly to avoid misunderstanding. You don’t want people to start paying late or perhaps less than it should be. When there are problems and the tenant can’t pay the rent, you have the right to evict them from the premises.
  3. Subleasing – there are people who want to sublease their apartments, and that is perfectly reasonable. But, as the tenant you need to be informed of this or perhaps subleasing can only happen after you approved it not before. So, you need to be clear on that.
  4. Illegal activities – what are some activities that are considered illegal in your states? You need to inform the tenants that, so they won’t put in trouble.

There are still a few more things you need to know, that’s why we want you to use our templates. Check below for more samples of rent agreement doc.

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