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Safe and Secure Nondisclosure Agreement Sample

In this article we’re going to share our templates of nondisclosure agreement sample. Our templates are designed to make sure that the NDA or nondisclosure agreement can be read as clear as possible and states all the important details. We hope that by using our templates, you can focus on the information or knowledge you wish to keep between all parties involved without worrying about all the technicalities.

Our templates are completely free, no fine print or hidden costs. Everyone can simply download the templates, edit some parts, and print. The process should take you a few minutes at the longest. Before we get to the templates, let’s talk about nondisclosure agreement.

Non-disclosure agreement or NDA

NDA is a legally binding contract in which a person or business promises to keep specific information to themselves as it is considered a trade secret. The information cant be disclosed to others without proper authorization or until the NDA expired.

In our nondisclosure agreement sample below, there are some terms that you need to know. Later you can fill in the information as you see fit. Confidential information refers to all information or material that has or could have some kind of value or function in the business in which all the parties involved are engaged. If confidential information is in written format, the materials should be labeled or stamped with the word “confidential” or other similar warning. If it’s in oral form, then it should be mentioned too.

Exclusion from Confidential Information menus that the receiving party’s obligation under the agreement do not extend to information that is already publicly known at the time or becomes public without the party’s involvement or outside their control. The confidential information can also be disclosed to the outside by other legitimate means other than the receiving party’s member.

Obligations of Receiving Party means that the party must hold and maintain the confidential information for the benefit of the disclosing party. Receiving party will have to restrict access to the confidential information to everyone, including employees, contractors, and other third parties.

Time Periods – NDA often has a period of time where it’s in effect. Once the period of time is over, than the disclosed information is no longer restricted as there is no legally binding contract that prevent it from leaking outside. Anyway, check out our nondisclosure agreement sample down below.

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