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Mutual Termination Agreement Templates

Writing a mutual termination agreement can be nerve wrecking, from worrying if the process will go well to worrying if there is something wrong with the agreement. Terminating an agreement can be a very difficult thing to do for anyone involved but sometimes it’s necessary to do so.

We hope that by releasing our templates here will help some people to make things go smoothly. The templates here are all completely free for everyone, you can just simply download, edit if necessary and print whenever you need it. In this article we’re going to talk a little bit about the agreement.

A type of Termination Agreement

There are a few types of mutual termination agreement, and the most common is probably a separation form employment. There are many ways to lose your current job. Employment separation happens when the employment contract or agreement between the employee and his or her company or employer comes to an end. Some separations might happen at the will of the employer, such as getting fired or laid off. Other separations you might already know are retirement or resignation which is voluntary.

The type of separation is important and you should know all about it, especially if it happens to you. the type of separation determines whether you receive unemployment benefits and severance pay or not. Knowing it also important when you’re preparing for new jobs. But remember, you don’t have to explain in details the nature of the separation during your interview session, you just need to honest about it if it comes up.

More about the types of separation, there are a few that are very common. First is, constructive discharge also known as constructive termination or dismissal. It happens when an employee quits under duress and believes that they have no other options but to quit the company. Other type and probably the worst one is getting fired. It happens when the employer servers ties with a worker due to poor performance or violation to the company policy. Depending on the employment contract, the employer might work with the employee to find the best solution to the situation or provide a probation plan as a warning before the final decision. Not to be mistaken with getting laid off which is completely different in nature.

Anyway, check below to see our templates of mutual termination agreement which you can download.

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