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Lease Rental Agreement Form: Obligations of Each Party



When you want to use the lease rental agreement form, rest assured that the document would list the details of the involved parties’ responsibilities and rights. The lease agreement is the legal contract that has a legal-binding power between the tenant and the landlord.  The landlord would have to agree to rent either all or a certain portion of their property to the tenant for a certain time period and for an exchange of a certain amount of fee. Such a relationship is managed and laid out in the written agreement.


The Concept

Besides the lease rental agreement form, such a document is also known for other names, like:

  • Lease form
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Rental agreement
  • Apartment Lease
  • Rental contract
  • House rental agreement
  • Rental lease agreement


The standard agreement should have these elements:

  • Rent, meaning the number of money paid to the landlord by the tenant
  • Landlord, referring to the owner of the property
  • Tenant, referring to the renter who wants to live in the property
  • Premises is the property that can be an apartment, condo, house, attic, or basement
  • Term is the time length where the tenant has a right to stay within the premises


The agreement can also be used for these premises, such as:

  • Mobile home
  • Duplex
  • In-law suite
  • Vacation rental
  • Room rental
  • Townhouse
  • Other types of living spaces


The Responsibilities

For landlords, their responsibilities are:

  • To respect the privacy of the tenants and not to make surprise visits
  • Not to allow anyone else to come or use the property
  • To maintain and repair the appliances normal tear and wear, such as heater or AC
  • To provide a clean and safe home
  • To return the security deposit of the tenants if the tenants can care for the premises and the condition is still intact at the end of the term
  • To notify the tenant in advance when they need to enter the premises


For tenants, their responsibilities are:

  • To pay the landlord on time
  • To pay the utility for water, heating, gas, and light directly
  • To live in the premises with their families that have been mentioned in the agreement
  • Not to have any pets within the premises
  • Not to start any illegal business


The Templates

Not everyone is able to compose such an agreement easily. That’s why you can always use the already available and provided templates. You can make changes to those templates before finally printing, saving, or downloading them. We can provide you with lease rental agreement form – you only need to check the section below.


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