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House Rent Agreement: Everything about Tenancy



When you deal with house rent agreement, rest assured that the matter can be quite complex. Managing the document and the written contract alone can be tricky and confusing – especially if you aren’t familiar with the whole thing. That’s why it is a good idea to learn the thorough subject of the agreement – and how to manage the whole thing.


Tenancy Types

Do you know that there are different kinds of house rent agreement types that would result in different rights?

  • Assured shorthold tenancy means the tenants rent the house from a private owner who doesn’t live within the same property
  • Regulated or assured tenancy means that you have been renting the home before a specific date. This type of tenancy has stronger rights for the tenants
  • Lodger means that the tenants will live or stay with the landlord within the same property and they share


There are different factors that would determine the tenancy types:

  • The house type that you live in
  • Who the landlord is
  • With whom you live
  • The date you move in


There are also other factors that determine the types of agreement you are having. For a starter, is it license or tenancy? In tenancy, you have more protection from being evicted. A license is common if you have a ledger or you stay in the hostel.


About Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy agreement is another type of house rent contract. However, instead of only you as the tenant, you are sharing the tenancy with other people or other group of people. Each of them has the same obligations and rights. Each of them will be responsible (individually or jointly) for any:

Damage that is caused by the tenants (any of them) or their visitors

Rent arrears that is caused by the joint tenants (any of them)


Be advised that if any of the tenants want to leave the agreement, it is possible that the action will end the agreement for all the involved parties or everyone.


Choosing the Right Documents

As you can see, each document has different arrangements and also different purposes. It would lead to different forms or structures of the rent. If you want to choose the right document, make sure that you know the details of each structure. It would also be wise if you can get legal counsel or consultancy.


You can check our collections of house rent agreement templates and examples so you can choose the one appropriate for your needs.


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