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Employee Agreement Format and Its Different Types



If you have ever been asked to sign an employee contract, it is most likely that you are familiar with the Employee Agreement format. Although most people only know that there is one format for employment agreement, there are actually some of them. Yes, they have different formats and different purposes.


The Different Types

So, what are the different types of Employee Agreement format?

  • Full-time permanent employment contract. This is the most popular and also common employment agreement. The full time permanent employees are the crucial element of the business and the company. The agreement can be made based on the salaries or the hourly payment. It should also contain the holiday entitlement, position in the organization, working hours, and other aspects within the working arrangements. This agreement can be made simple or complicated, depending on the seniority of the employees.
  • Part-time employment contract. The agreement is almost similar to the previous one, but with more focus on the employees’ pay and working hours. Make sure that the terms and conditions for the part-time workers are comparable to the full-time workers
  • Director’s service agreement. This is usually the most heavy duty and detailed type of employment agreement. This agreement is generally very comprehensive because it contains very detailed information about the position.
  • Fixed-term employment contract. This agreement is usually given to temporary employees. The duration can be various – from only several weeks to several years. In general, the terms and conditions are very basic.
  • Zero hours contract. This is controversial because it is different from the regular contract. In general contract, the employer will provide a certain load of work and then the employee will do the work load. However, the zero hours contract is different. The agreement allows the employer to come to work without promising or guaranteeing any work for the employee. Basically, the employer is able to require for service from the employee when and as required.
  • Casual work contract. This one is often similar to zero hour contract. However, whereas the zero hours contract is applied for individuals considered as workers, the casual work contract is applied for permanent employee, such as seasonal workers. In business, workers have only a fewer (employment) rights than the employees.
  • Consultancy agreement. This is generally applied when the organization wants to engage a certain service from individuals that aren’t employed by the company.


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