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Making an Arrangement for Custody Agreement Samples



You may need custody agreement samples if you are thinking about managing your custody. The process is long and tiring – and it isn’t an easy one. But drawing your own custody agreement can help you in the future – especially when it is related to your kids and their well-being. The agreement can also protect your rights and obligations. Although you can come up with your own samples, it would be wise if you consult a professional legal service to help you with the composure and the process.


What It Contains?

Even when you are using the already existing custody agreement samples, it would be better if you can find these elements:

  • The schedule for holiday visitation
  • The visitation and custody schedule. It should specify clearly of where the child is staying every day. It may include a weekday or residential schedule, special events, or vacation time
  • The parenting plan and other managements. This may include the legal custody info, how the parents face dental and medical care, the child’s education info, how the parents deal with changes to the agreement or how they deal with disputes
  • The child support detailed info. This is related to each parent’s income because it is going to relate to the right amount of the kids’ right of support received and paid.
  • Other extra things that will help you (and another parent) raise the kids


Joint Custody Agreement

Besides the regular custody agreement, there is also the joint agreement that covers joint legal custody or joint physical custody. In joint physical custody, it is about the management of how the kids spend times living with both of their parents. In some states, certain parenting timeshare is needed to qualify as the joint physical custody. On the other hand, the joint legal custody is when both of the parents have the responsibilities and authority to make crucial decisions for the kids. So, what kind of joint custody can you have? Well, you can have either or you can them both – it depends on your decision and your want.


Getting the Agreements

You don’t have to compose everything from the scratch. You can always get the templates and samples from many reliable sources. It gets better because you can always make some changes at most of the source websites. You can always adjust the contents so everything will be suitable with your condition and situation. In the event that you need to look at some example custody agreement samples, you can always check our collections.


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