business sale agreement template

Business Sale Agreement Template for Sellers

If you’re selling your business to a potential buyer, you’ll need our business sale agreement template. Selling your business isn’t as simple as selling other small goods, there are a lot of things need to be considered before you seal the deal. This is why we want to release our templates to the public, we believe that our templates will be able to help a lot of people who want to sell their business. Our templates are completely free is are available for everyone all over the world, no fine prints or hidden costs. Anyone can just simply download, and print our templates for personal use.

Sale of Business

Like we said before, the process of selling a business can be complicated and a business sale agreement template can make the process easier for everyone. You will soon know why. A sale of business can happen in one of two ways. First the person can buy any company stock as a stock sale or second, buy company assets as an asset sale.

It depends on whether it is a stock or asset sale, the tax may vary because of this. Before sealing the deal on whether to make the sale of a business as a stock, asset, or both, it’s very important to understand the consequences of the options available.

As the seller, you generally want to sell the business as a stock, and on the other hand, as the buyer, you might prefer to buy the business as an asset for both liability and taxes. Both parties should be aware of the consequences of entering a sale of business, especially when it comes to the legal implications behind it.

There are two types of sale involved in selling an asset: tangible and intangible. Tangible assets are land, cash, investments, buildings, and inventory, and intangible assets are patents, copyright, trademarks, and the reputation and goodwill of the business throughout its operating years.

Back to asset sale and stock sale, an asset sale can be for any kind of businesses while a stock sale is only for an incorporated business. In an asset sale, the seller can choose what they’re salling and what they’re not selling, they can choose to keep the name of the business for example.

There are a lot of things to learn, use our business sale agreement template to make the process easier.